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12 Days of Christmas gift tags - free chart

Hello stitchy friends!

It's day six of our '12 Days of Christmas gift tags' series....are you singing Christmas carols yet?

Today's free chart is one of my favorites as I simply adore penguins. And of course, I stitched this one multiple was such fun to stitch.

This is another design that you can use up those odds and ends of threads that we save - any yellow would do for the penguin's beak and feet, and for the earmuffs you can use absolutely any colour you want. This little chap looks good no matter what colour he's wearing:)

Although each tag looks completely different, they are all made the same way. I used a pre-made tag, prepared the stitching as detailed here and attached it to some black card.

I matched the ribbon for each tag to the colour of the penguins earmuffs and then added some little charms or buttons to the ribbon. Once this was attached to the tag, I then used some 3D glue dots to attach the stitching onto the tag. The 'formula' for making each tag is the same but each individual tag looks different with the different charms etc.

How cute is this with the jingly bells attached?

For this red penguin, I didn't have the right colour of ribbon in the width I wanted, so, necessity being the mother of invention, I used some narrow ribbons and bakers twine ....It came out looking wonderful!

I added a tiny greeting tag that I got from the scrapbooking section of the craft stored attached it with bakers twine and glue dots.

I had wanted to use lilac ribbon for the next penguin but didn't have any in my stash (note to more lilac ribbon) so I used what I had!

Some sheer white ribbon with some white and gold bakers twine and a small lilac bead finished this tag off nicely.

The blue penguin was really simple to finish. I just tied a button round the blue ribbon using blue bakers twine.

Can you tell I like bakers twine? lol

These tags look really fancy and expensive but didn't cost much as I used what was in my crafty stash.

Please do share pictures of your finished stitching (or progress pics!) on social media and let us see how you finish your tags.....we love seeing your stitching.

Happy stitching!

-Rhona & Eirinn.

Grab your free chart here:

12 Days of gift tags 6
Download PDF • 83KB

And don't forget to pin an image to Pinterest!

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