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A Year of Christmas Stitching - December

Hello stitchy friends!

It's a new month which means it's time for another free chart! Here's the December chart in our series 'A Year of Christmas Stitching'.

Tartan cross stitch hoop ornament

Since December is usually a very busy month we decided on a really quick to stitch design that could be made into a an eye popping, jaw dropping, over-the-top ornament.

close up of antique looking bells on a cross stitched Christmas ornament

With just a few craft supplies you can easily and quickly make an ornament like this.

Cross stitched band on Christmas ornament

We used -

8 inch embroidery hoop

some tartan fabric

2 antique gold jingle bell ornaments

2 Christmas foliage picks

Red ribbon

Hot glue gun and glue

Red felt (to cover the back of the hoop)

How to make the ornament -

Cut tartan fabric to just larger than the embroidery hoop. Place the fabric in hoop as you would if it were stitching on aida, making sure that the pattern is straight and level with the screw at the top. Tighten the screw and pull the fabric taught. Trim fabric to approx an inch and a half all round the hoop, then with some sewing thread do a running stitch all round. Pull the thread so that the fabric gathers neatly at the back. Secure thread.

Carefully remove top ring of hoop and place stitched piece (trimmed and edges frayed as in picture above) in the center of the hoop. Replace top hoop and then secure stitching at the back by either stitching it in place or by glueing.

Add foliage picks to the top of the embroidery hoop.You may want to dismantle them and re-arrange the foliage to suit the hoop - that's what we did! Using a hot glue gun, secure the pieces to the embroidery hoop.

Add the jingle bells, adjusting the length of the thread/cord they are attached to, so that they can be seen and are in the best position. Glue thread/cord at the top.

Cut a circle of felt to cover the back of the hoop. Attach either by stitching or glueing.

Last of all add a length of ribbon to hang the ornament and make a bow to cover the screw of the hoop.

Merry Christmas stitched band on tartan hoop ornament

Happy stitching and Happy Christmas!

Don't forget to check back for news of next years free charts....we're doing something different! :)

-Rhona & Eirinn

Grab your free chart here:

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