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Another little penguin!

It's been a funny old start to June, the weather has been a bit hit or miss but thankfully the Christmas stitching is progressing nicely, and that's what matters! :)

We continue with the June theme of Penguins....I simply adore penguins! :)

cross stitch penguin wearing a bauble hat

Isn't he cute with his bauble hat - or maybe like the last penguin he may be a she!

Anyway, I like to give you what I call 'multi use designs' - designs that can be used for lots of different things (cards, ornaments etc) and can be given to lots of different recipients, male, female, young, old etc. This one certainly ticks all the boxes....not only can you stitch it for Christmas but it would also make a great birthday card for anyone who has a winter birthday!

Again you can change the colors in the design to suit the recipient - choose their favorite colour for the border or the penguin's hat, or simply use whatever colors you have in your stash. You really can use up these odd bits of thread as you don't need much especially for the hat.

I decided to finish this penguin as a gift card holder but slightly different than the previous one. So if you want to make another type of gift card, check out my new tutorial here.

cross stitch penguin as a gift card holder

And, since I love sending Christmas cards, I stitched him again and finished him as a little Christmas card too! Like I said...these 'multi use' designs are fabulous.

My Christmas stitching is progressing last minute rush for me :)

cross stitched penguin made as a card

So although I said that I stitched this wee penguin as a Christmas card, he would also be perfect for sending as a birthday card to anyone who has a winter birthday!

Just cut your stitching one square from the edge all round then attach to a pre-made card - or make your own! There's a handy tutorial here that you can follow to make your own special birthday or Christmas card if you'd like to make something more fancy.

And do remember to share your finished stitching on social media using #TangledThreadsAndThings and #Ayearofchristmasstitching we love seeing your finished stitching!

Download PDF • 1.39MB

Happy stitching!


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