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April 2021 Subscribers chart

We have more arrow signs for Santa! And I should mention right from the start... I got a bit carried away doing these designs, so the free chart (which you can find at the bottom of the page) has more than one design on it!

As some of you who follow us on Instagram might know, we've had a new addition to our family, and although this darling baby won't be old enough this coming Christmas to use these Santa signs, I'm sure the following year we will be laying these arrows out on Christmas Eve for a new family tradition.

I've stitched these arrows on 14 count plastic canvas as I think they will last longer when little hands are laying a trail of arrows for Santa to follow, but the designs will work just as well if you prefer stitching on Aida.

Once you stitch these new designs, you can finish them the same way as before. One thing to note is that on the 'This way' sign, you will need to use a craft knife to cut out the area between the legs of the gingerbread man. You could also just leave it uncut... whatever you feel like doing!

If you are feeling creative, you can add your own wording to the arrows... there's no reason you have to stick with what's on the charts! :) Or... you can stitch some arrows without the little gingerbread men and leave a trail of arrows on the floor for Santa to follow!

You can mix and match the colors of the gingerbread man's buttons....or use up any odds and ends of threads you have in your stash.

Same with the lettering... use whatever colour thread you have most of - or change the colour for each sign.

So whether you have homemade cookies or store bought cookies, Santa is sure to find them!

Happy stitching!


AYOXS April SE-1
Download PDF • 2.24MB

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