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10 Amazing Christmas Gifts for Crafters

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday - and even more so this year: I'm expecting my first baby just a few days before December 25th! When I first found out our due date, everyone I told would sympathetically shake their heads and say "I hope he doesn't come on Christmas." Well, we can't control when he comes: and if he comes on Christmas, it will only make the holiday even more magical for me and my husband!

Anyway, I love Christmas... and I have no problem saying that I love the gift side of the holiday! Each year, I look forward to wandering around the shops with my mum, picking out items for different family members and friends, baking ginger cookies, and just cozying up with a thick blanket in the house and taking it all in. Sigh! It's the best.

Below you'll find a list of some of my favorite craft supplies to purchase for crafty friends and family members for Christmas. :)


Note: This post is filled with TONS of affiliate links! This means that if you purchase a product using the links provided, I will receive a small amount at no cost to you since I am an Amazon Associate. Thank you for your support!


#1: Stabilo pens.

Seriously: You just can't go wrong with Stabilo pens. These babies last SO LONG. One of my friends bought me a pack of these years ago and I'm still using them. Granted, my top 5 favorite colors are long out of commission, but overall - these last a long time, have great ink quality, and make a great gift for any crafter. And just look at all those colorssss! A crafter's heaven!

#2: Leuchtturm Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is basically a blank journal filled with a bunch of dots, enabling crafters to use their imagination to create whatever they'd like on the page... from colorful "to-do" lists to multi-media artwork pieces. (Side note: this is a great gift to give with the Stabilo pens mentioned above!). If you know your crafter's favorite color, you can go with that color. Otherwise, you can't go wrong with good old black!

#3: Set of Craft Scissors

I don't know why, but I'm constantly losing my scissors! I think this is simply a "crafter problem". A great stocking stuffer for a crafter is a new set of scissors to use no matter what hobby - crochet, paper crafting, etc. While usually I do recommend black, for craft scissors I'd recommend a different color so that they're not confused with the kitchen scissors (my kitchen scissors are black... are yours?)

#4: Johanna Basford Lost Ocean Coloring Book

I received this as a gift and it is by far my favorite coloring book! Every page can be colored, including the cover. It also has a little "scavenger hunt" within its pages (adorable and let's be honest: who doesn't love a treasure hunt?!). It's a great gift to promote wellbeing and taking some time to unwind. (PS. If you're a crafter and you don't follow Johanna on Facebook, you need to! Her videos are great and her daughter always makes me laugh!).

#5: Brush Lettering Workbook

The Kelly Creates materials are by far some of my favorite resources for learning hand lettering! It has a very plain-looking cover, but don't let that steer you away. The paper is nice and thick and the guides are easy to follow. If you purchase this for a crafter, I also recommend gifting a small pack of brush pens for him/her to use, too! (I like to use these Tombow brush pens).

#6: Washi Tape Set

Washi tape can be used by crafters as decorative aspects in planners and artwork, as tabs or page markers, in card making, and so, SO much more. I personally just like to have a huge stock on hand to rummage through... it is so satisfying seeing all of them stored together by color (crafters: you know what I'm talking about... the organization system is key!). You can choose from so many different washi tape sets for your crafter. If you're unsure what to get, I always think blacks and metallics are useful and beautiful to have on hand!

#7: (Homemade) Cross Stitch Starter "Kit"

If your crafter hasn't tried cross stitch before, you can pull together a really nice bundle of gifts for him/her by setting them up to learn how to cross stitch. You can find all the supplies you would need to purchase here (not too many at all!), and you can purchase PDF charts (the designs that your crafter would be creating) on Etsy (check out our shop). The files are digital downloads in many Etsy shops, so you can print them off for your crafter to include with the supplies you've purchased.

#8: Felt Stocking Kit

Okay, these are SERIOUSLY cute! My mum made these for me and my friends while we were in college, and they're really beautiful, a great project for a crafter, and can be enjoyed year after year. There are many designs to choose from, but this one is the one that my mum made and I love to bits. My friends also still have their stockings, too!

You can see two of these stockings hanging in the background of the Christmas pictures my husband and I took a few years ago...

We absolutely love them and get so many compliments on them every year! Your crafter will love making one of these.

#9: Yarn Organizer

If your crafter likes to crochet or knit, this yarn organizer is a great gift. I swear by organizers like this one, especially after previously storing my yarn in open containers and having a mouse problem in the house... I had to throw out all of my wonderful yarn after finding a mouse nest in my supplies (the most painful thing for a crocheter!). Never. Again. I always store my yarn away, and since us crafters like to buy lots of yarn, we can't have too much yarn storage!

#10: A Cricut

My sister-in-law sold me on the Cricut. You can do so much with this baby, from creating decals for your walls to personalized shirts to name tags for water bottles. There are lots of designs you can use online and, of course, lots of inspiration on Pinterest! And with a baby on the way, my two sister-in-laws have made me so many of the most adorable onesies (yes, both of them have been using the Cricut to design for their soon-to-be nephew... too cute!).


And that's the list! Your crafter is sure to love anything you choose related to crafting - after all, it's the thought that counts, and we crafters can't have too many crafting supplies!

Have additional ideas on great Christmas gifts for crafters? Leave a comment below!

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