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Cross Stitch Christmas Planner (Free chart)

This year, more than any other, is the year we need to be organized for Christmas. Whether you’re an online only shopper, a dashing out to the shops kind of shopper, or a mixture of both, you want to be organized and reduce the time that you may be exposed to the Coronavirus.

With a notebook, a few craft supplies and our free cross stitch chart (which can be found at the bottom of this post) you’ll be organized in no time.

This Christmas planner is super easy to make and can corral all your Christmas lists, plans, and ideas. (And if you need some gift ideas, don't forget to take a look at our Christmas gift ideas for crafters!)

All those craft ideas that you have for Christmas? Put them in the planner.

That 'must stitch' design... put it in the planner, too (along with a note of the threads that you need to buy!)

And that new recipe you want to try... yup, it can go in there as well, along with a list of the ingredients so that you don't come home from the shops and realize that you’re missing that one crucial ingredient! (Sound familiar?!)

I used a spiral bound notebook - but you could use a composition type notebook or any other notebook… that’s how wonderfully versatile this organizer is!

So here's a closer view of the planner, which was just made by covering the original notebook with some fancy Christmas papers and, of course, the stitching!

Don’t forget the back of your notebook! I even covered the inside of the cover! Yeah, I’m a bit obsessive compulsive… but do as much or as little of what makes you happy.

And just to keep it real… did I mention that I’m not a very tidy crafter?! ☺

You can either copy the layout I used or make up your own - just lay out the papers in a format that you like... there's no right or wrong way to do this!

So the outside is completed… now onto the inside!

I decided I didn’t want everything scribbled down without having any sort of order to things – we are trying to be organized, after all! ☺

I wanted to keep my gift ideas together, my crafting projects together etc so I decided to divide the notebook into sections for each subject/topic. And to make each section easy to access, I just tied some co-ordinating ribbon to some paperclips to highlight the start of each section:

Super cute (and functional, too).

All you have to do now is pop your Christmas planner into your bag (making sure you have a pen with you!) and you’re all organized!

Remember to share your finished planner on social media using #TangledThreadsAndThings.

Christmas planner free chart
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