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Create a fox card

Once you've cross stitched our free fox chart, you can make it into a card... and it’s really not difficult at all! After this you’ll never be running out to the shops to buy a card when you can turn any of your stitching into a one-of-a-kind creation.

There are lots ways to make a card using your cross stitch and I’ll show you two easy ways here depending on how creative or adventurous you are feeling. (More tutorials on card making to come…make sure you pop back for latest updates!)

Card #1 (super easy!)

An orange fox is cross stitched onto a blue card.

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You will need:


Couldn’t be easier, could it? And who wouldn’t love to receive such a sweet little handmade card like that.

Card #2

The card blank I used was approximately 10.6 cm x 14.5 cm, but you can use whatever size you want - just adjust measurements to fit your card. This card is also very easy to make but just takes a little bit more time and a few more supplies.

You will need:

  • Blank card

  • Coloured paper or card stock ( I used orangey brown, white, and blue)

  • Craft knife and ruler

  • Glue

  • Double sided tape

  • Premade greeting sticker (or write your own!)


  • Cover your blank card with the orangey brown card (if the isn’t already the colour you want!)

  • Trim some white card to be approx. 6mm shorter (each side) than the card. Glue to card.

  • Trim blue card to be approximately 2mm shorter than the white card. Glue to card.

  • Trim stitching to eight squares from fox. Fray edges.

  • Cut a piece of white card to the same size as fox stitching. Using double sided tape attach white card to stitching (This step is so the blue card doesn’t show through the holes in the aida fabric – this makes a neater finish, but you can omit this step if you want )

  • Attach stitching to card

  • Attach pre-made greeting or write your own greeting!

Of course you can use any colours you want for your card (this is what makes card making so wonderful as you can tailor make each card to the recipient. Aunt Joanie loves pink? Use pink. Your best friend loves navy blue… use navy blue! There are no hard and fast rules for making cards using your stitching - just have fun!)

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