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Cross stitch a tulip with us!

Hi stitchy friends!

In the video above, Rhona and I stitch one of our free charts... and we invite you to stitch along with us!

Pause the video, grab the free tulip chart PDF download on this page, grab your stitchy supplies, then hit play on the video (or, if you'd like to stitch something else while you watch, you're of course more than welcome to!). We chat about all sorts of stitchy things in this video... and some random things as well thanks to Rhona's admiration for Johanna Basford, a wonderful Scottish illustrator! If you haven't already, make sure to check out our channel on YouTube and give us your support by hitting the subscribe button.

Also, here are the colouring books we mention in the video (affiliate links) -- I have the Lost Oceans one and Rhona has the Worlds of Wonder. They are so stunning... Johanna Basford colouring books are just incredible!

My friend had given the Lost Oceans book as a birthday gift one year and it was an amazing gift! Throughout the pandemic, I've been video chatting with friends and stitching... but one can only do so much stitching! it was nice to be able to colour every now and then, too.

Happy stitching!

- Eirinn

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