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FlossTube Video: Making a Cross Stitch Care Package

Hi stitchy friends!

Rhona and I were chatting the other week about how important stitching is in our lives - and how we think it is such a wonderful hobby to have. Ever since my baby was born, cross stitching has been a huge stress reliever for me and I certainly think it has helped me to unwind and relax after many sleepless nights!

We love sharing cross stitch with each other and want to spread this craft to as many others as we can! In this short video, we chat about supplies needed to create a little "cross stitch care package" that you can send to a friend. We hope you enjoy watching! I've also linked some recommended products below the video.

Items you can include in your cross stitch care package:

(Note: These are affiliate links. Thank you for your support!)

  • Aida fabric 14 count aida is perfect for beginners

  • Embroidery hoop - this multi pack contains various sizes so you'll have multiple options to work with

  • Needles - always have a spare needle with this three pack!

  • Thread This pack has lots of colours... perfect for someone just starting out on their cross stitch journey

  • Embroidery scissors - There are lots of beautiful embroidery scissors to chose from, so check out these stork scissors and learn the meaning behind the stork shape here.

  • Visit the free charts section of our website - perhaps print out a few of these free charts for your care package.

  • You could also include a needle minder - but if I am totally honest, I haven't used one before!! So I don't have a particular type or brand that I would recommend. I plan on trying out a needle minder soon :)

I hope you enjoy making up a stitchy care package to share with your friends. Let's share the love of stitching far and wide...

Happy stitching!

- Eirinn

If you'd like to come back at a later time, save an image to Pinterest:

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