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February 2021 subscriber's extra (Celtic Knot Design)

Hello dear stitchers! I hope you enjoyed the Celtic Noel design. I absolutely love Celtic knots - I guess being Scottish it's in my DNA! So I just had to keep the Celtic knot theme going. Here's the email subscribers' extra design:

The free chart can be found at the bottom of this page. It uses the same colors of threads that were in the main February chart, so you don't have to go faffing about looking for different threads to make this ornament... unless you want to, of course! We love seeing how you wonderful stitchers use these designs and make them your own, so please do send in your finished stitching to be featured in our crafters gallery or post on social media using #tangledthreadsandthings or #ayearofchristmasstitching.

I made this little design into an ornament using the same method described in the main post for February's 'Year of Christmas Stitching'. It's exactly the same but on a smaller scale. I added some cording to this design so that I could hang it from the Christmas tree (eventually!)

If you have never made cording before, there's a tutorial on our website for that too... or you can head to our YouTube channel to find a video tutorial.

So if you want to make some cording, head here for the tutorial. Once you've made your cording, simply add a knot at the ends of your desired length of cording (I made mine approximately 4.5 inches long). Then, straighten out the threads at the ends to form a sort of tassel. Attach to the corners of the ornament with a few stitches, using the same colour of thread you used for the cording.

You can, of course, use this design as the back of the main Celtic Noel design... just stitch it on a larger piece of fabric then follow the finishing instructions as before.

I've also included an alphabet with the free chart if you wanted to add your initials to the ornament instead of the year. Why not stitch this little ornament for a friend and add their initials...people love personalized gifts, and cross stitch (or in this case, back stitch!) makes it so easy to do!

Happy stitching!

- Rhona

February subs extra
Download PDF • 1.02MB

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