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  • Rhona Norrie

Free 'Merry Christmas' chart!

candle in a jar with cross stitching and twine decoration

There's just something wonderful about Christmas stitching, don't you agree?

I get carried away when designing our free charts and often end up with a few different ideas based on the design. If you follow along with our 'A Year of Christmas Stitching' series you may think that this design looks kind of familiar, and you would be right! It's from the December free chart - I used the same design and just changed the positioning of the elements so that I could make a little candle jar wrap.

jar in sunshine with a 'merry Christmas' stitched band wrapped around it.

This little craft idea is quick to do and is great for making those last minute gifts for neighbors and co-workers.....or anyone that you may have inadvertently missed off your gift list!

cross stitched band, a jam jar, packet of Epsom salts, scissors and twine

Along with your stitching, you need is an old jar such as a jam jar, some twine or decorative ribbon, a small candle, and some Epsom salts. The Epsom salts just look a bit like snow in the jar and look pretty. I thought I'd be clever and pick a Lavender scented one not realizing that the salts themselves would be lavender coloured, so they do smell wonderful, but the snow effect doesn't quite come off unless you have white Epsom salts!

How to make the jar wrap

All you need to do is trim your stitching, fray the edges and wrap it around the jar and secure at the back - double sided tape or a dod of glue works!

Wrap the twine around the top of the jar and glue on a bow. Pop the candle inside and pour some of the Epsom salts into the jar....and that's're done! Cute little gift complete :)

looking down on to a jar with a cross stitched band wrapped around it and a candle inside.

Here's the layout of the chart that I used. You can use any red and green for this design. Add more of the back stitch border until it is the length required to wrap around your jar.

cross stitched chart of Marry Christmas and holly leaves

You can grab your copy of the main design here. And don't forget to check out our other free Christmas designs :)

jam jar decorated with a cross stitched band

Hope you enjoyed this quick little craft.

Happy stitching!

-Rhona & Eirinn

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