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  • Eirinn Norrie

Free Printable: February 2021 Cross Stitch Projects

Hi stitchy friends!

This year, my goal is to get organized. As a new parent, I'm realizing that I have no choice but to get things in order for our household to function! While I'm usually thinking about organizing for cleaning and meal prep, I decided to also organize so that I can better track my crafting projects. Might as well organize every aspect of my life, I suppose!

I've created a February 2021 cross stitch printable to track my cross stitching for the month. You can use my February 2021 free cross stitch printable to track your stitching, too! It is a four-page printable that includes space for goals, notes, supplies, a daily log, successes and obstacles for cross stitching this month, and a plan for next month.

You can print all four pages, or just use one of the pages if you'd prefer. If you need additional room on the daily log, you can print additional pages. I hope this helps you to organize your stitching projects! :)

Download your free printable here:

February 2021 Cross Stitch Log
Download PDF • 41KB

Or, save to Pinterest so you can come back later:

Free cross stitch printable

I'll be sharing free cross stitch printables for each month of 2021, so be sure to come back to get the next printable. If you have suggestions or specific things you'd like to see on these printables, please let me know and I may be able to modify the printables to include what's most helpful for you. And, if you like to crochet, you can also take a look at my free crochet project printable.

Happy stitching!

- Eirinn

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