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Free Unicorn Cross Stitch Chart

Hello stitchers!

Growing up, I was never into pastel colors. I liked bold and bright. But for some reason, when it comes to cross stitch designs, I'm really drawn to pastel colors... especially the pale purples!

A unicorn cross stitch design in pastel colors.

So I wanted to create a design with pale purple, pink, and blue/mint. I thought these colors would be perfect for a unicorn design. You can find the unicorn free chart towards the bottom of this page (chart available in both black/white and color).

If you enjoy the free cross stitch charts available here on, we'd love to have your support on Patreon, where you can get cross stitch patterns each month and help us to keep creating tips, tutorials, and free patterns on our site. Our Patreon is new this month and I'm very excited about sharing all of the exclusive designs with you!

Black and white - free unicorn cross stitch chart:

Unicorns BW
Download PDF • 80KB

Color - free unicorn cross stitch chart:

Unicorns COLOR
Download PDF • 305KB

Happy stitching :)

- Eirinn

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