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How to make a cross stitch card

Handmade cards are the best! Nobody saves a birthday tweet, a Mother's Day Facebook post or a Father's Day email, but a handmade card will be added to a box of treasures and kept forever.

So how do you turn your cross stitching into a card? It's really simple and I'll walk you through each step so you can make this card below.

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You will need some supplies to make this card.

  • Stitched piece (you can get the chart for this design from our Etsy shop)

  • Blank card

  • Self colored scrap booking paper ( I buy a pack like this so I always have a variety of colors to chose from)

  • Patterned scrapbooking paper (any small pattern will work)

  • glue

  • Craft knife (Using this type of knife means you will always have a sharp blade to use!)

  • Steel ruler

  • cutting mat

  • (optional) iron-on interfacing

How to make your card

You will be adding borders of different colors of scrapbooking paper to your stitching. To begin:

  • Trim your finished stitching to size. If you're using the crossword design shown above, trim to four squares from the edge of the stitching.

  • Back the stitching with iron-on interfacing or white card (This step is optional, but stops the purple colour of the paper showing through the stitching).

  • Glue your stitching to a piece of purple scrapbooking paper and trim to approx. 2mm from the edge of your stitching.

Handy tip!

The easiest way to do this is to use the paper's right angled edge to your advantage... just glue your stitching to one corner of the paper so you only have to measure and cut two sides.

  • Repeat using some lilac paper, so that the lilac paper creates a border around your darker-coloured paper that you've already glued your stitching to.

  • Repeat this step one more time using purple paper but leaving a 5mm border all round.

  • Put this piece to one side for just now.

Now we will start to cover the blank card.

  • Glue the lilac scrapbooking paper to the blank card and trim to size of the card.

  • Cut a piece of purple scrapbooking paper to approx.10mm smaller than the height and width of the card you have just covered in lilac scrapbooking paper. Glue this purple scrapbooking paper in the center of the main card - you will now have a 5mm border all round your card.

  • Trim you patterned paper so that there is approx 2mm border of the purple scrapbooking paper showing. Glue to main card.

  • Attach the piece with the stitching (that you previously put to the side) to the center of the patterned paper.

Handy tip!

If you are using patterned paper like the one above, let the pattern work for you... use the pattern to make sure everything is 'square' and level.

Now all you have to do is write your greeting inside and send your beautiful handmade card to someone special!

Happy crafting!


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