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How to make a cross stitched Christmas card with a detachable ornament.

Do you ever wonder what people do with your hand stitched cards when Christmas is over? Do you wish they could re-use that card over and over again? Well now they can! And here's the secret.... Take a set of the Nutcracker designs from our Etsy store (shameless plug there!!) either the set of twelve nutcracker designs or the double sided nutcracker designs (both will work) and do this...

Cross stitched nutcracker card

Make a card that then becomes a Christmas tree ornament to be used year after year....

Close up of cross stitched nutcracker ornament

Now your friends and family don't have to wonder about what to do with your stitched card and you can relax knowing that your hard work will be used again and again.....and maybe become a family heirloom :)

And if you use the set of twelve designs you won't have to stitch the same one over and over again to make a card for everyone on your list!

(The design used for this tutorial is part of the Double Sided Nutcracker designs from our Etsy shop that are the same size and format as the Nutcracker designs but don't have the background design)

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How to make your ornament

You will need:

Stitch the nutcracker part of the design onto plastic canvas (regular aida would work well also). Carefully cut round the design one square from the stitching.

top part ofnutcracker ornament stitched on plastic canvas

Add a loop of narrow red ribbon to the back of the nutcracker at the top of the head

Cover the back with white card or felt, if desired.

Stitch the border design with the greeting on a separate piece of aida. (Don't stitch the Nutcracker as you already have this part done!)

I cut and frayed the aida three squares from the edge of the stitched border and attached it to a card I had layered with card stock. I used red, white, and black but you can use any colours you'd like to.

Attach the nutcracker using 3D glue dots, making sure to tuck the ribbon behind the nutcracker and that it doesn't stick to any of the 3D dots.

area on cross stitched card to show where to hide ribbon

I placed the 3D dots at the feet, arms and shoulders of the nutcracker. This gives your card a wonderful 3D effect.

close up of cross stitched card where the 3D dots are placed

And that's it....your card is complete!

Don't forget to add a note inside your Christmas card that explains how to remove the nutcracker from the card so that it can be used as an ornament year after year!

Cross stitched nutcracker card  with the greeting 'Merry Christmas'

Isn't it nice to know that your hard work will be used and admired for many years to come.

Happy stitching!


If you'd like to come back at a later time, save an image to Pinterest:

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