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How to Make a Tassel

I want to share with you how easy it is to make a tassel to add to your cross stitching projects. After seeing how easy they are to make you will be looking for projects to stitch just so you can add your own handmade tassel!

So... how do you make a tassel? It's really simple - let me show you. Note that this post may contain affiliate links and I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

You will need:

  • a skein of thread in the colour of your choice

  • scissors (such as these - one of my favorites!)

  • a needle

...and that's it!

Here's how it's done.


Take out two lengths of thread from the skein, each approximately 15cm /6 inches long. To make it easy to see in the photos, I have used a contrasting thread colour. You should use the thread from the skein.


Cut the skein of thread in half.

Handy hint - Keeping the labels on makes the whole process a bit easier.


Take one of the 15cm/6" long threads and loop it through all the threads...

Tie a knot….

...loop it through again and secure with another knot.

Do not cut this length of thread as this is what will attach the tassel to your project.


Take the second length of cut thread, wrap it around the skein of thread approximately 1cm from the top (just eyeball it, it doesn't have to be exact!) tie a knot and wrap around to the other side and tie another knot (you can add a small dot of fabric glue if desired).


Thread your needle with the ends of the thread you just wrapped round and push the needle through the middle of the skein (you may need to do each length separately depending on how tightly you tied the thread).


Remove the label and then cut the tassel to the desired length!

Voila! You've just made a tassel - wasn't that easy? Of course, you would be using the same colour of thread for each step and your finished tassel would look like this...

Now to start looking for projects that require a tassel!

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