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Just for subscribers! July free chart :)

Happy mid July stitchers!

How's the Christmas stitching coming along? I hope you're up to date with your 'A Year of Christmas Stitching' as I have another little design to share with you to thank you for being an email subscriber :)

Don't put away the threads you used for the main July chart as this freebie uses the same to make life easy for ourselves!

Celtic knot cross stitch design in shades of blue

There's French knots in this design....if you hate them, that's ok, just leave them out completely or substitute some seed will still look great!

Celtic knot design without French knots

If you can't do French knots but want to learn how to do them, look out for our video tutorial coming soon on how to do them....we'll have you whipping up French knots like a pro in no time! ;)

close up of French knots on a celtic knot design cross stitch

So this little design makes a wonderful little Christmas card...or a large Christmas card if you prefer bigger cards! It's also perfect for making as an ornament in whatever style you feel most comfortable making.

finished cross stitch piece on Aida fabric

So, how are you planning to finish this little design? Let us know....we love to hear from you :)

Thanks again for being an email subscriber!

Don't forget to share your finished stitching on social media using #TangledThreadsAndThings and #Ayearofchristmasstitching


Download PDF • 759KB

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