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Cross Stitch Beginner Pattern #2 (Tulip free chart)

Two skeins of cross stitch thread (one pink and one green) sit on top of a square of cross stitch fabric. On the fabric, a pink tulip has been stiched.
Beginner tulip cross stitch pattern... you only need two colors of thread!

For this tulip pattern, you can pick any green thread and any pink thread and the design will still work (in fact you can pick any colour at all for the flower - pink, red, lilac, all will work!)

Cross stitched flowers are stitched into aida cloth. The flowers are yellow, purple, and pink.
Choose any colors you'd like to use!

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You will need…

Tulip Chart Beginner's Guide
Download PDF • 294KB

Start stitching this design exactly the way you did with the little heart design (if you’re new to cross stitch completely, start here!). The only difference now is that the design is slightly bigger and you are going to use two thread colours. Everything else is exactly the same… how simple is that!

Find the middle of the design on the chart by following the arrows. Look to see which symbol is in the middle (or close to the middle), find the thread for the symbol then start stitching from here. By stitching from the middle of the design, your stitching will always be in the center of your fabric.

Next up: Try stitching our cute fox free pattern! Or, turn your tulip stitching into a gift tag following our tutorial!


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