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LOVE or HATE yellow cross stitch?

Hello stitchers!

Do you ever stray away from your usual colors? I love stitching in blues and purples, but lately I've found myself designing and stitching patterns with a LOT of yellows. Usually, I'm not fond of yellow at all - but right now, I'm yellow crazy.

A cross stitched sunshine flower.
Ignore my messy stitches... I'm not very neat! :)

I'm not sure what's got me on a bit of a yellow kick, but a quick Google search shows that yellow is associated with energy, joy, positivity, and happiness. So maybe I'm just really happy and positive right now? Who knows! Maybe it's the lovely weather we've been having lately. Sunshine does make everything better! (Google also brought up that yellow can also be associated with betrayal, jealousy, and danger - but I'm choosing to ignore that part - LOL).

A blue and yellow cross stitch design with the word "Sunshine" and a flower-like sun.
Just a few more stitches left - and then some backstitich!

I usually switch colors often while stitching, choosing to bounce back and forth between different colors as much as possible (keeps it exciting, right?). But lately, I've been finishing ALL of the stitches in one color (usually yellow) before switching to the next shade. It's so unlike me!

A small sunshine cross stitch keychain design on felt.
Loving the little pop of yellow from the sun in this design!

So how do you like to stitch? Do you have a favorite color of thread? Do you like to switch between colors or finish all of the stitches in one color? Does this change based on your mood? Do you like patterns with a lot of YELLOW? Let me know in the comments below or on our recent instagram post (@tangled.threads.and.things).

A small cross stitch key chain glued to felt with blanket stitching.
Ahhh... all done! Love how this little cross stitch keychain came out!

And, if you're interested - the patterns above are two of the patterns available on Patreon, where you can get cross stitch patterns each month and help us to keep creating tips, tutorials, and more right here on These are two of the July patterns. All of the charts are provided in both black/white and color. If you sign up in July, you'll receive an additional cross stitch chart!

Happy stitching!

- Eirinn

PS. Some of my "yellows" look a bit orange on the screen... but in the program I use, the orangey looking one is called "curry yellow" - so I'm going to count it as a yellow!

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