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Making lots of different things from one cross stitch chart!

Hello dear stitchy friends! There's strawberries everywhere!

Today I want to share with you that you don't have to be restricted to making what a designer or magazine editor shows you what to make with a design. With a little bit of thought, you can change the use of a design and make many different items.

Did you see our jam jar cover post? I decided to challenge myself to make a few other things from the June Strawberries jam jar cover design to show you how easy it is to take the design and make something else.

Soooooo, what did I make using the strawberries design? You will remember the original use was for a sweet little jam jar cover tied with a green ribbon that had some cross stitch strawberries attached to the ends.

In case you missed it, you can find the free chart here.

I just adore the little strawberries that were attached to the ribbon around the jam jar and decided to start by making something using them - they are also quick to stitch which is something else I love!

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So, first of all I decided to make a book mark using the strawberries. I like the fact that there is some movement of the strawberries on the jam jar cover, and wanted to keep that look... also it's easy to make! ;)

I grabbed a 4 inch jumbo paper clip and glued the strawberries to the ends of the ribbon then attached the ribbon to the paper clip. It couldn't be any easier!

If you are making a bookmark like this it's important to back the stitching with some iron-on interfacing or felt, as you don't want the threads to get worn or caught on book pages ...and it looks neater! :)

How cute (and simple!) is that?


How adorable are these tags?!! Your gift will certainly stand out from all others if you attach this gift tag. All you need to do is grab some plain gift tags wrap some narrow ribbon or bakers twine around the gift tag and then glue the cross stitched strawberries to the ends of the ribbon or baker's twine.

You can also add a stamped greeting to the base or up the side of the tag....or try out your calligraphy skills by handwriting a greeting!


Never lose your embroidery scissors again! This is basically the same as the bookmark but attaching the strawberries to you scissors... still super cute and practical!


Simply change the wording! 'You're berry sweet' works for soooo many things...and it's great to have cards already made and ready to use. Have a pack of blank cards on hand and you'll always be ready to make a card for birthdays, thank you notes etc.

Use this chart to change the lettering from the original 'Preserved with love'.

Of course, you can stitch in any greeting or phrase you like! Just draw out the wording on some graph paper to make sure it fits in the cross stitched circle.

Why not stitch the recipients name? People love seeing their name on a card.

And if you need some inspiration on how to make a card, check out our post here on how to make a cross stitch card.

So as you can see one design and lots of different uses!

Let us know if you've used this design for something other than the jam jar cover (we'd love to see the jam jar cover too!), it's wonderful to see how creative stitchers are.

Happy crafting!

- Rhona

If you'd like to come back at a later time, save an image to Pinterest:

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