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  • Eirinn Norrie

Free Printable: March 2021 Cross Stitch Projects

Organize your March cross stitching with this free printable!

Hi stitchy friends! How are your cross stitch projects going? What are you currently working on? I've been working on the same bookmark for far too long (sigh!). It seems almost impossible to find the time to stitch these days! I'm hoping to stitch at least 10 times in March. For some of you, I'm sure that's not a lot of stitching at all... I am amazed at how much stitching some of you are able to complete each month!

Last month, we released our first free cross stitch printable, a four-page PDF that includes space for goals, notes, supplies, a daily log, successes and obstacles for cross stitching, and more for the month of February. These were some of the things that we've heard fellow stitchers say they like to track. We heard from several stitchers that it was helpful (yay!).

Since it is a monthly PDF, here is March's project log for you to continue your tracking. If you missed February's printable and would still like it, you can find it here. And now back to March...

Download your free March printable here:

March XStitch Log 2021 Printable
Download PDF • 41KB

Or, save to Pinterest so you can come back later:

And, if you like to crochet, you can also take a look at our free crochet project printable.

Let's hope we all get lots of stitching in during the month of March!

- Eirinn

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