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  • Rhona Norrie

March 2021 Subscribers Extra (presents!)

Hello dear stitchers! Can you believe we are almost at the end of March already? Are you doing a happy dance because you are well under way with your Christmas stitching? I know I am :)

The March subscriber's extra chart is another little design that can be finished by using whatever threads you have in your stash. Many parts of the design use only a small length of thread so it's a great design to use up those odd little bits of threads that we all do keep them don't you....or is it only me that does that? Those ribbons and bows in the design can be changed to any colour, so use up those odd little bits of threads if you want to.

Another convenient little thing to note about this design is that it doesn't have to be a Christmas card (if you're making it as a card!), it works great as a birthday card too! If you change the colors of the cardstock papers to greens or reds, then this looks like a 'traditional' Christmas card....I decided to use blues which works for both a Christmas card and also as a birthday card.

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To make this card you will need -

Use the picture above as a guide for placement when following the instructions.

  • Trim your stitching three squares from the edge and then fray the edges.

  • Back the stitching with some white card so that the blue card doesn't show through.

  • Attach stitching to some dark blue card leaving a narrow border (approx 2mm) all round.

  • Add a narrow border of white card.

  • Cut a piece of light blue card to the size of the blank card.

  • Glue the stitching (backed with the card) onto the blue card.

  • Cut a length of ribbon slightly longer than the width of the card and glue in place (use the cutting mat as a guide to keep the ribbon level with the base of the card.

  • Fold ends of ribbon around the card and glue on reverse side

  • Attach to the blank card

  • make a small bow with the same ribbon used earlier and glue to middle of ribbon.

Changing the colour of the card you use can make a huge difference to the look of your card so play around with different colors of card and ribbons to get different effects......have fun with it! (and remember to share your creations with us, we love to see what you make with these designs.)

Happy stitching!



March subs extra chart
Download PDF • 384KB

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