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Scissor superstitions crafters should know

Everyone tells me how superstitious we Scots are, but I never really thought so until I got a book of superstitions from the library. Flicking through it, I found myself nodding in agreement about lots of the articles and thinking things like "oh, I remember my Granny doing that... oh, wait a minute, I do that, too!"

You know the type of thing - like throwing salt over your shoulder if you spill it, not putting new shoes on the table, etc. Well, I came across some superstitions about scissors that I thought were very interesting and wanted to share, since as crafters, scissors are simply something we can't do without!

So here are the highlights...

Sharp scissors and colored pencils

Scissors have protective powers since they are made from steel.

Embroidery scissors and embroidery floss

Always give a small coin in exchange when receiving scissors from a friend, otherwise the friendship will be severed (in Scotland it has to be a silver coin). If the coin is refused, bad luck will follow.

Antique embroidery scissors and a spool of twine.

Leaving scissors sitting open is bad luck.

Four pairs of scissors. The top pair is shaped like a stork.

It is bad luck to drop a pair of scissors (that would probably mean a visit from the frog!!!) The person who drops the scissors should not pick them up, but have someone else do it for them. If you can't get someone else to pick them up, then the solution is to stomp on them first! Just to be on the safe side, you should warm the scissors up in your hands before using them again!

A woman draws on a drawing pad next to a sewing machine and a pair of scissors.

Scissors should not be used on New Year's Day.

Shiny silver buckets are filled with colored pencils, pens, paint brushes, and other craft supplies.

If scissors are dropped and both blades stick in the ground or floor, then a wedding will follow. If one blade sticks, a funeral will follow.

A pair of green scissors sits on top of a crocheted blanket and crochet hooks.

It's bad luck to open and close scissors if you are not actually cutting anything.

Scissors with a gold handle sit next to gold and silver paper and pencils.

A pair of scissors opened in the form of a cross and laid over the doorstep prevents entry from witches (wonder if it would stop frogs, too?!)


So do I do any of these? Do I worry about them? Absolutely not... except for giving the gift of a coin when scissors are given - I am Scottish after all... I have to be uptight about a few superstitions!

- Rhona

PS. If you're looking for a new pair of scissors, I love these Sullivan's scissors that my daughter got me for Christmas a few years ago!

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