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Sending love (free chart)

Hello dear stitchy friends! Are you ready for another cute mouse free chart? Here he (or she?!) is…

This is another little chart that’s perfect for stitching and making as a card or an ornament. The free chart can be found at the bottom of this post.

These free designs (you have checked out the others, haven’t you?) are perfect to make as cards to send to friends and loved ones especially during the pandemic. A little card sending your love can make a huge difference to someone – we never know who’s struggling …so show you care by sending them a stitched card or the cute little pillow ornament shown here. I spent the weekend stitching up this cute little mouse. Don't you just love the feeling of a new start...

...and when it begins to take shape....

...and the difference the back stitching makes...

…and then the addition of some fabric and trims….

Finishing is a bit harder these days with the 'Stay at home' order that we are all living under. Normally my first thought when planning to finish a piece would be to head off to the craft store to get some new fabric, but since all the craft stores are shut, I had to use what was in my stash....thank heavens I have a stash! Here's a quick little "How to" if you want to make a little pillow type ornament. I haven't included any measurements so you can make the design fit what fabric etc you have in your stash.

First, I decided the approximate size I wanted and placed pins in the Aida as a guide, then placed the fabric and trim on the stitching to see if it 'worked'...

I decided that I didn't want the stitches to show on the finished pillow, so I placed the plain fabric on the right side of the cross stitched piece and then stitched across the length of the fabric so that when I turned it over I could fold over the pink fabric so no stitches would be seen...

...a quick once over with the iron left a crisp edge...

...the ric-rac was stitched onto the pink fabric and then the dotty fabric attached the same way as the plain fabric so, again, no stitches would be seen...

A quick iron to neaten the edges and that's the front of the pillow done!

I would have liked to use the dotty fabric for the back of the pillow, but didn't have a large enough piece so used some of the plain pink fabric instead. Placing the fabric on the right side of the stitching, I zipped round three sides of the pillow with the sewing machine, leaving the bottom open so that I could add the stuffing. The fiddliest (is that even a word?!!) part of the whole process was turning the pillow right side out. Then it was just a case of stuffing it, then using a whip stitch to close the bottom.... and presto....the little pillow was done!

You can of course add a ribbon for hanging or add some cording round the edges. Cording is what I would have liked to do but since my stash of trims was lacking cord, that will have to wait till a later date. It looks fine like this though, don't you think? And I'm feeling quite happy about using up some of my stash.

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Lots of love - website free chart
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