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Snowmen in August!

 What better time to start stitching snowmen than in August! Luckily for me, stitched snowmen don't melt in the hot August temperatures :) Last week I had just looked out the threads an fabric for this cute snowman design...

...and this week the jolly snowman face has appeared!

With that great big cheerful face looking at you, you can't help but smile! The carrot nose and the top hat are to be stitched on plastic canvas, which will be this weeks' stitching project.....except for Wednesday as Wednesdays are when the peppermint Purple SAL pattern block is released. And here's my SAL update:

And the whole thing so far:

It's so much prettier in person - the camera doesn't seem to be able to pick up the pale blue fabric and the colours in the variegated thread. Roll on tomorrow when the next pattern block will be released.

Until next time... happy stitching!


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