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Subscribers August chart

Help dear email subscribers!

It feels kind of strange to be sharing a snowflake chart with you when it's the middle of summer here! That poor snowflake would melt in heartbeat here it's so hot. Luckily cross stitched snowflakes will last until Christmas (and beyond!)

snowflake stitched in blue variegated threads

Your free chart is another snowflake design which can be stitched and finished as an ornament or a card...or whatever else you fancy!!!

Cross stitched snowflake design with skein of DMC thread

I charted this design to use two shades of blue but decided at the last minute to use a variegated thread for the whole thing. Feel free to use whatever threads you fancy stitching with! :) You could always substitute a variegated thread for one of the blues on the chart and have combination of self-coloured thread with variegated threads....that would look gorgeous!

I always say that I'm not a fan of variegated threads but I'm beginning to think that, maybe, I am a fan after all! I think it's more a case of loving the thread but being picky about what it's used for. It definitely works for snowflakes! :)

snowflake cross stitch with stitching supplies

For this design I used DMC 4230 but you can use any variegated thread...or any self colored thread! Have fun and experiment with different threads...and do share your finished stitching with us...we love to see your stitching :)

cross stitch snowflake with embroidery scissors

As you can tell I haven't decided what I'm going to make with my stitching, I'm torn between making a card or an ornament....maybe I'll just have to stitch this design again and make both! lol

Whatever threads you use, and however you decide to finish this design, I'm certain you'll love the finished piece.

Happy stitching!


Grab your free chart here

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