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Subscribers November chart

Hello stitchy friends!

If you read November's 'A Year Of Christmas Stitching' post and downloaded the chart, then it will be no surprise what the free chart is this month! LOL

Red cross stitched elf surrounded by red embroidery threads

It was just too cute not to share with everyone....and to show them what they've been missing out on by not signing up for our emails!

So here's this month's free design..

cute little cross stitched elf wearing red

You get this little cutie aaaannnd....

two cross stitched elves holding a heart together

...the two little elves together!

Perfect for that special couple....Mum and dad....grandparents....a couple's first Christmas together....the list goes on and on!

All this, just for signing up for our emails!

Don't forget to share your stitching progress with us on social media! #ayearofchristmasstsitching and #tangledthreadsandthings

Happy stitching!


Grab your charts here:

Download PDF • 686KB

Download PDF • 886KB

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