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The Blackwork Stitch Along Week 1

A blackwork design and a bobbin of thread
Eirinn's week 1 stitching for The Blackwork Stitch Along!

Hello stitchers!

Welcome to The Blackwork Stitch Along. We're so glad you're here! This is a 27 week stitch along in which we'll release a section of the full chart each Monday, and we all stitch together to create a beautiful finished blackwork piece!

The stitched area of The Blackwork Stitch Along (on 14 count aida) is 7.86 inches wide x 8 inches high (or 19.96 cm x 20.32 cm), and includes 27 sections that you'll stitch along the way. Each section is in its own little rectangle. Here is the layout for the stitched piece and the order that we'll be stitching:

As you can see, we'll be starting in the top left corner and working our way across the top for the first few weeks.

You can choose any colour of thread for The Blackwork Stitch Along - you can do the sections all the same colour, or you can do each section a different colour. You could also do variegated or sparkly threads -- whatever you'd fancy, you can do! We're excited to see how different everyone's piece looks based on the fabric colour and thread colour(s) they choose!

We're stitching The Blackwork Stitch Along in one colour (Eirinn) and with a pop of colour (Rhona), so we'll show you our pieces each week, too. Eirinn's is above in dark red, and here is Rhona's with her pop of colour:

A close up of the free blackwork stitch along, stitched in pink and black DMC thread.
Rhona's Week 1 of The Blackwork Stitch Along

At the end of the 27 weeks, we'll release some optional borders for you, as well, but you can also make up your own border if you'd like to expand your piece. If you think you'd like to add a border, make sure to include enough fabric to do so.

So to summarize:
  • This free stitch along will be 27 weeks long - starting TODAY - Monday, January 3. Download the first tile below!

  • On Monday of each week, visit our website to download the next section of the design and begin your stitching!

  • The sections are quite small, so if you begin late or fall behind, no worries! This is a very low key stitch along... do whatever works best for you!

  • You can share your progress on social media using the hashtag #TheBlackworkSAL or share in our Facebook Group.

Without further ado, let's get started! Here is Week 1 of The Blackwork Stitch Along. We're starting in the top left hand corner of the piece, so make sure that you have enough fabric for the rest of the design, along with enough fabric for how you'd like to finish the piece. (A reminder - the piece is roughly 8 inches by 8 inches!).

Download Week 1 of The Blackwork Stitch Along:

Note: We have included the outline of ALL 27 tiles in the file. You do NOT have to stitch the outlines for all the boxes this week - we simply included them so that you can visualize the finished piece and can use this to position the first tile on your fabric.

Week 1 - The Blackwork Stitch Along
Download PDF • 62KB

Happy stitching, and we can't wait to see your work!

- Eirinn and Rhona

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