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The Blackwork Stitch Along Week 10

Hello stitchy friends!

This week's tile is by far one of my favorites...once you "see" the pattern, it becomes very easy to stitch without referencing, meaning that it stitches up quite fast. At least, for me it did! I ended up stitching this in the car (as the passenger, of course) during a long car ride.

Blackwork embroidery with skeins of black thread next to the stitching

Download Week 10 of The Blackwork Stitch Along:
Week 10 - The Blackwork Stitch Along
Download PDF • 155KB

Blackwork embroidery stitched with red threads and various skeins of red threads next to the stitching

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Happy stitching!

- Eirinn (and Rhona)

PS. You may have seen in our previous posts for this SAL that I name each tile as I go along based on what I think they look like. My "name" for this tile is fish eggs... but that doesn't sound very nice, does it?

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