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The Blackwork Stitch Along Week 9

Hi everyone,

Are you ready for week 9?! Here we go!

Does anyone else name their tiles as they go? I find myself coming up with little names for the tiles based on what I think they look like. This week's tile makes me think of computers, artificial intelligence, and engineering. And spaceships! How about you?

Blackwork designs on aida.

Download Week 9 of The Blackwork Stitch Along:
Week 9 - The Blackwork Stitch Along
Download PDF • 99KB

We're 1/3 of the way there... woohoo! This is so much fun.

Don't forget to tag us (@Tangled.Threads.And.Things) on Instagram, use the hashtag #TheBlackworkSAL, and join our Facebook group to show off your blackwork as you stitch!

We're also getting ready for another SAL for the middle of this year... it's not blackwork, and it's SUPER different from this SAL, but we hope you'll join us for it. Just putting that out there as a teaser :)

Happy stitching!

- Eirinn (and Rhona)

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