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Thinking of you (free chart)

With all the horrible news that surrounds us daily, I thought it would be nice to (hopefully!) brighten your day by giving away a free chart. For all the social distancing we are all practicing (you are doing it...aren't you??!) wouldn't it be nice to stitch some cards for friends and loved ones, who may be feeling a bit lonely or worried, and let them know you are thinking of them.

Chart can be downloaded at bottom of the page.

Once you have stitched this little mouse... and it doesn't take long to stitch him (or her?)... here's a little tutorial on how to turn your stitching into a gorgeous card. This is a great way to escape from all the Covid-19 news just now and also brighten up someone's day by sending them a gorgeous card to let them know you are thinking of them.

So, what do you need and how do you go about making a card....well, just keep reading! You will need: Stitched mouse design (Chart can be found at the bottom of this post) Blank card (17.5cm x 12.5cm) Patterned paper or cardstock Coloured paper or cardstock Ribbon Glue Craft knife Scissors

Since we are all stuck inside (or should I say, safe inside!) just use whatever papers and ribbons you have in your stash. Normally I would rush out to buy the 'perfect' papers to make a card but it was a good exercise to make use of what I already have - which is quite a lot!!! Having said that, I now realize that I tend to buy papers in shades of pinks and lilacs and very few blues. Guess that will change when we can finally go to the craft stores again :)

Method: STEP 1 Cover the front of the blank card with the plain paper or card stock. I used a very dark navy. STEP 2 Cut a rectangle of the patterned paper approx 1cm smaller than the card. Glue this to some white card and trim so there is a border of approx 2mm of the white showing all round the patterned paper.

Glue some narrow ribbon to this approx a third of the way up. Wrap the end of the ribbon round the card and glue to the back rather than cutting the ribbon to fit - it's neater this way and you won't have frayed edges spoiling the finished card. Glue this piece to the main card STEP 3 Trim stitching to 6 squares from edge of stitching.

Fray edges by gently pulling away all the threads that would make up one row or column

STEP 4 Cut a square of the dark navy card just slightly larger than your stitching ( I just eyeball it, but it's about 3 or 4mm larger than the stitching) . Glue this to some white card and trim so there is a 2mm white border all round.

Back the stitching with white card or iron-on interfacing (this step is kind of optional - but if you are using a dark coloured card it's worth doing. Coloured card will show through the holes in the Aida as you can see in the pictures below) Without white card or interfacing....

With white card ...

I personally think it makes a huge difference and since it doesn't take much time to do, I think it's worth doing. If a job's worth doing, it worth doing well....right? :) Glue stitching to this square. STEP 5 Attach this stitched piece and card to the main card making sure the border is even top and bottom. Use picture of finished card (below) for guidance on positioning.

STEP 6 Make a small bow with the ribbon. Trim ends so they are the same length. Attach to ribbon on card.

And there you have it.... your finished card!

This cute little mouse card is lovely to send to both young and old, male or female. Anyone who's feeling a bit isolated and missing their friends and family will be cheered up by getting this card in the mail or popped through their letterbox.

Please remember that this chart is for personal use and not to be copied or sold....the usual copyright stuff! Stay safe and stay healthy ...and do share your finished stitching on your blog or other social media using #TangledThreadsAndThings and remember you can always share your pictures on our Crafter's Corner too.


Thinking of you free chart
Download PDF • 179KB

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