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Cross Stitch & Felt Christmas Stockings to Make for the Holidays

Whether you're stitching for this year (eek! Better get stitching quick!) or getting a head start for next year's holiday season, a cross stitch or felt stocking is a great way to add a beautiful piece to your home (or someone else's) that they can enjoy for years to come!

My mum made stockings for me and my college roommates years and years ago, and to this day, my college roommate loves that stocking and tells me every year that it's still her favorite Christmas decoration! When she had her baby, my mum made the baby a stocking, too! And now that I have a baby on the way (due in just a few days)... there is no doubt in my mind that my baby will soon be receiving a beautifully made stocking, too! (Uh-oh... hopefully my mum isn't in a panic reading this!!!)

Here are my top 5 Christmas stocking kits. This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support! Which stocking is your favorite?!

1. Penguin Joy stocking from Janlynn

This adorable stocking is sure to be cherished by a family member or a friend! What I like most about this stocking is that it's not very Christmas-y, but instead is more winter themed. The space for the name is nice and big, allowing for a boldly stitched name that can be seen and easily read from across the room. Plus, you can easily change the pattern to suit your color preferences by changing the colors on the scarves. This is definitely a fun stocking for stitching for children! You can find this stocking kit here.

2. Dimension's Candy Cane Santa

I love this cross stitch kit for the exact opposite reason from why I love the penguin stocking above - this stocking just screams Christmas! This stocking looks adorable in a room filled with traditional reds and golds, and the name is written in an old-style font, giving it a very traditional feel. You can find this product here.

3. Bucilla Jolly Saint Nick felt stocking

This is my absolute favorite stocking in our house - and so much fun to put together. What I like about these kits is that everything is included, but you can put your own personal spin on the kit by adding more sequins (you can never have enough sparkle, am I right?) You can find this felt stocking kit here.

4. Janlynn 2-pack

These are adorable because they are a perfect set. I love how these capture the spirit of Christmas and just make you want to cuddle up on the couch with a mug full of hot chocolate! If you are stitching stockings for two people who live together, this set would be the perfect choice. And bonus.... no backstitch needed for these!!! You can find these adorable stockings here.

5. Bucilla Christmas Tree Surprise

This felt stocking makes the list because it has NO PEOPLE! Sometimes, you just want a people-free design (at least, I know sometimes I do!). This kit also is a little bit different than the others, with the name of the person attached like a tag rather than written across the top of the stocking. You can find this felt kit here.


And those are my top 5 Christmas stockings! If you make any of these or any other stockings, I'd love to see your finished product! Use #tangledthreadsandthings on social media or submit your craft to our Crafters' Corner to be displayed on our website!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

- Eirinn

A handmade felt Christmas Stocking lays against a wooden table. The stocking has Santa and a snowman on it.

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