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Use a Needle Threader!

This is my new BFF...

You may be asking what the heck this thing is… well, it’s a needle threader! There are a few different types on the market, but this one is my favourite.

For those young ‘uns out there who are thinking 'what the heck?' - it works like this...

First you put the needle threader through the eye of the needle, and since it's metal it goes through easily and first time (unlike thread!) You then position the thread over the little hook...

Then you pull the threader back through the eye, bringing the thread at the same time.

Voila! Needle threaded in no time and without any naughty words or any wasting of good stitching time!

Highly recommended!

(And just as an FYI kind of thing, I normally do all of the above the opposite way round but it was the only way I could thread the needle and take pictures!)

This needle threader is awesome! Why did I leave it so long to admit that I needed one?

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