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Video: Introducing us!

Hi stitchy friends!

We decided that it might be a good idea to share a little bit about ourselves. But instead of writing it all out, we chose to film ourselves as we thought this would be more fun. At first, it was so strange hearing ourselves on camera (do we REALLY sound like that?), but it was fun and we will get better at videoing ourselves! :)

In this video, we talk about how we started cross stitching, what we like to stitch and design, show some of our current WIPs (works in progress), and also share where you can get some of our designs. We hope you enjoy watching - and if you like the video, please give us a "thumbs up" on YouTube and hit the subscribe button!

We plan on doing several more videos over the coming weeks. If there is anything in particular you'd like to see, please let us know!

The links we chat about in this video are:

Happy stitching!

- Eirinn and Rhona

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